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15 Colour Face Contour Palette with 10 Makeup Brushes & Bag

15 Colour Face Contour Palette with 10 Makeup Brushes & Bag

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This item is a set of 15 contour face creams, complete with 10 makeup brushes for application. Contouring helps to correct any dark circles or pigmentation on your skin with the use of lighter and darker shades of concealer.


- Concealer ingredients: squalane, octyl palmitate, beeswax, talc, polymethyl methacrylate, petrolatum, propyl paraben.
- Brush material: Plastic, nylon fiber.
- Palette size: 15.5 * 10.5cm.
- High quality ingredients with silky shine color, can last for all day long
- This blemish cover can cover your spots and blackheads
- Feeling light and soft, it easily creates clear and brilliant eye makeup finish.
- Soft brushes are ultra plush and smooth that make for the most effective distribution.
- Perfect for both professional salon or home use.

Clean and Maintain

Put the makeup brush hair into the warm water, slowly rotate the handle, then gently squeeze the brush hair (do not rub it or use the detergent and the like, which is bad for the brush hair.)  After washing, put it on a clean, dry towel, then gently press the brush hair to drain, then put it in a cool dry and ventilated place (avoid direct sunlight). Wait until it is completely dry before re-using.